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Examples of Our Work


In 2018 we provided loans for new projects (acquisition and rennovation) and for project refinancing, lowering payments and extending terms for successful project completions or to give the owners additional time to obtain long term financing.

Bridge Financing

We provided over $1.6 million in financing for the purchase and renovation of an event venue in Leesburg, VA. This allowed the business owners to acquire and begin rennovations on the property while going through the Small Business Administration loan application process.

Baltimore Apartment Building

Acquisition and renovation funding for a 14 unit apartment building in Northeast Baltimore. Deal closed in less than a month and led to a successful sales transaction. The property was completely internally and externally renovated over 18 months.

4 unit condo conversion in DC

We provided the developer with acquisition and renovation financing to create a four unit condominium building with extensive renovation and enhancements. LTV was above 90% at acquisition.